I recently became aware of this tape, recorded at a party in 1962.  Buster
Keaton sings with ukulele and talks about vaudeville (19teens), blue

and sings a bit of a blues with mention of "high yeller woman".  The
recording is an extra in the new UK blu-ray Keaton Shorts 1917--23 dvd set,

has been issued previously on a Masters of Cinema DVD set, and there was an
NPR show (seems sound file now deleted).  I have difficulty understanding

a good part of this - not a great recording, but also my diminished hearing.

1. Does anyone know of a transcript of this material ??

2. Is there a better sound CD or other source for this recording ??

3. Has there been any discussion of the tape and the sources for the songs
Keaton performs ??  I am particularly curious about the HIGH YALLER verses

which I associate with blues performers and wonder where Keaton would have
heard this material ??



Best wishes, Thomas.