Hi Lou,

A dedicated circuit should be fine. Use the 1/2 stress engineering rule 
that I mentioned previously. Ideally: A 20amp circuit should see no more 
than about a 10amp draw at any given time from your studio. One can 
certainly get away with more current draw from a 20 amp circuit but 
there some determining factors: Wire size, distance of the electrical 
run from the breaker and how many junctions between the source and load. 
Distance and smaller wire size can generate current robbing heat. Number 
of junctions in the circuit can affect the impedance which, in turn, can 
affect power line noise. And, of course, use lots of severe power line 
filtering at the load.

My transfer studio at our house (the wife refers to it as the Man Cave) 
has two circuits feeding it that are shared. What I do is make sure that 
all shared devices are turned off during operation. I have to be careful 
with grounding since the two circuits involved return to the same ground 


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On 8/17/2016 12:53 PM, Lou Judson wrote:
> Liviing in a mobile home park (inherited form parents) the best I could do was make my mix and work room on a single dedicated breaker in the house. Did that as soon as I moved in. All sounds good to me!
> Joy joy.
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>> Anyway, I'm reminded of what I was told years ago when first getting serious about hifi: everything matters. If it matters to you. It can lead to madness. Or to joy.