Did you change the time format? Did they change the time format?

I know in Samplitude there are a half dozen time formats available and I 
think the effect is global. One that Samp has available is milliseconds. 
If Sound Forge has that, it might be useful to you.



On 8/18/2016 9:10 AM, Benjamin Roth wrote:
> Hello everyone
> Does anyone use Sony Sound Forge Ver. 9?
> I used to be able to insert a 1000th second of silence on a track.
> The insert box looked like this before I did it: 00:00:00:000 and when I did it: 00:00:00:001
> All of a sudden, without me doing anything, the last zero on the right disappeared. 00:00:00:00.
> Now I can only insert a 100th of a second.
> That's too much for my purposes.
> Does anyone know how to get back the 3rd zero?
> Thanks,
> Ben Roth
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