There are a number of archives which have Max Morath materials. Just 
search "Max Morath archives.

NYPL, Lortel archive, Tulsa World archives, University of Maryland 
archives special collections, etc.

Someone at the American Folkmusic Society should know about the Coffin 
material. Unfortunately Archie Green and Judith McCulloh are both gone. 
They would have had intimate knowledge of the program.

I would check with  someone at the folklife group  at the library of  

On 8/22/2016 1:22 PM, Thomas Stern wrote:

  A while ago while compiling some extended discographies, I was led to believe much of the early programming prepared for public TV
appear to no longer exist.
   In particular, WHYY in Philadelphia and the American Folklore Society produced a series of programs
hosted by Dr.Tristram Coffin "LYRICS & LEGENDS".  These were available as 16mm films from Indiana University.
   Also, the wonderful series of programs by ragtime pianist MAX MORATH (I think for Channel 13 NY/NJ) tracing the history of
20th century popular music, jazz, ragtime, theater are mostly missing.
   Does anyone know if these particular series DO EXIST somewhere ??
   Is there any organization actively attempting to recover and preserve NET material ??


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