Hi Erik,

There is no "one size fits all" when it comes to playing back any type 
of disc, including opposite sides of the same disc. It all depends on 
the type and condition of the source.

Sounscriber discs are somewhat unique in that the grooves were embossed 
as opposed to being cut so most often you don't have the same choices 
when it comes to playing above or below the wear. The groove width is 
about 3 Mils however, the embossed groove is much shallower than 
conventional discs and is "U" shaped as opposed to the "V" shape of 
traditionally cut discs so typically you wind up with a narrower stylus 
to keep groove contact.

That said, start with a stylus of about 3 Mils and work your way into a 
narrower stylus from there. It will come down to using the widest stylus 
that will track the groove. Wider styli will produce better 
signal-to-noise than narrower styli. The fidelity will be poor no matter 
what: About that of a 1950's analog telephone.

Keeping the stylus in that embossed groove is the holy grail here so 
make a spindle adapter for the square center hole (if needed) and make 
it as accurately as possible to keep the disc centered which will help 
with tracking. Sometimes playing the disc at 16-2/3RPM and doing the 
pitch correction after the fact is the best answer. These discs are very 
thin and sometimes with this type of disc I have used some distilled 
water between the disc and the turntable (the catalyst affect) to keep 
it as flat as possible.

Hope this helps,

Corey Bailey Audio Engineering

On 8/26/2016 7:28 AM, Erik Dix wrote:
> Hello!
> I am trying to find out what size of stylus would work best with the 
> playback of green soundscriber discs.
> Any help is greatly appreciated,
> Erik Dix
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