Hi, all,

As you know, I attempt to have an index to cover as many formats as 
possible on my website and for the minidisk, I have the material below, 
which prompted a potential client to ask:

I wondered if you had any updated contacts for people that might be able 
to ​recover music from a MiniDisc with an unwritten TOC file.

It appears that the people offering this as a service in Bristol England 
have closed down.

I think this needs an update. Badly.

> Minidisc
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> Resources for transferring Minidiscs:
> Richard L. Hess, Aurora, Ontario (author of these web pages) — Masterdigital, Covington, Louisiana
> The Minidisc transfer and recovery expert is Electronic Design Laboratory in Bristol, England
> Caution: After noticing a problem, the less you do to the MD the more likely EDL will be able to recover it.
> Berkeley Language Center (510) 642-0767 can also transfer Minidiscs.
> Suggestions:
> Minidisc is an excellent acquisition format for many subjects, but it has never gained the traction of other formats. We would strongly recommend against using Minidisc as an archival format. With proper equipment, Minidiscs can be digitally transferred to gold audio CD-Rs. We generally do it through the computer, but stand-alone transfers can be done as well.
> We use two Sony MZ-R37 Minidisc recorders, each with a dedicated Audio Technica AT-822 stereo microphone, for oral history recording.

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