Dear Dr. Lotz,

That set of books and CDs looks wonderful!

The Recorded Sound Archives [where I work] is a non-profit department of Florida Atlantic University Libraries, so I’m wondering if you could tell me how we might obtain that set by a donation from someone.  If it's possible to have that set donated to our collection of Jewish recordings.  Currently we have just over 12K individual Jewish LPs, just under 1000 Jewish CDs and more than 2000 Jewish cassettes.  We also have about 17K individual Jewish 78 RPMS, and, except for the two blue and red plastic records of Arnon Rojansky, we do not have the records listed in that set by the Bear Family.

Perhaps you know who I could contact to learn if the library qualifies for a donation of that set or if anyone would just like to donate it?

Thank you.

Benjamin Roth, sound archivist,
Florida Atlantic University.

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Am 23.08.2016 21:49, schrieb Benjamin Roth:
> Hello everyone,
> Does anyone know anything about Arnon Rojansky, tenor?
> I found a red, plastic, flexible, red, translucent record of him singing the Flower Song from Carmen and E Lucevan from Tosca in Hebrew.
> He had a fairly good voice.
> Regards,
> Ben Roth
He is covered in the boxed re-issue set and documentary BEYOND RECALL…

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