On my first trip to Japan I was surprised that such a modern, technology-oriented country was still using power poles - even in new developments. When I expressed that opinion, I was told that above-ground infrastructure stands up to earthquakes better and is quicker and easier to fix after the event.

Also, it is a major piece of Japanese culture to spend serious money on your hobby. If Morita-San can hear the difference, good for him.

Earlier this week I paid 50 dollars for a 1956 Grundig TK8 tape recorder. I guess I am at the other end of the audiophool spectrum!


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If you can afford it and it matters to you and you can phool yourself that it matters, you might.

Personally, I would prefer to spend $60k on a nice car than on a silly component to listen to my digital audio on.

But I am not Japanese not an audiophool. I just do professional audio, and it matters not a whit which way the wires point. It’s AC after all.

Now, those wooden knobs? They look nice, and are worth at least 69 cents each.
Lou Judson
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> Recording studios use AC isolation transformers for this, mounted indoors,
> near the main breaker box.  I don't see the need for a separate power pole.
> Ellis Burman