Than you, John.  This helps considerably.


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On 8/19/16 12:47 PM, Melissa Widzinski wrote:

> 1.      Tape with a total thickness of approximately 1.77 to 2.13 mils has
> a nominal base thickness of 1.5 mils.
> 2.      Total thickness of approximately 1.27 to 1.51 mils has a nominal
> 1.0 mil base thickness.
> 3.      Total thickness of approximately 0.67 to 1.03 mils has a 0.5 mil
> base thickness-- lower numbers (around 0.7 mils) are triple play tapes 
> while higher numbers (around 1 mil) are double play.
Dimensions and technical data for 3M tapes:

for Agfa, BASF and IG Farben tapes:

-- John Chester