Hello Gary,

I was glad to meet you at ARSC Rochester, having come across your writings over the years. I forgot that you'd addressed the power issue with the AHB2. Not certain I could budget for a regenerator, but if you care to offer a price off list, it's a possibility.

Best wishes,


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Hi Carl,

Thanks for your kind words. I decided it was time I got on the listserve, so here I am.

Your question regarding switching power supplies is a good one, which I addressed in my audioXpress review of the Benchmark AHB2:

As I note in the review, I spent several evenings comparing the AHB2 using one of my PS Audio Power Plant Premier regenerators, and plugging the amp directly into the wall. I was hard pressed to hear any difference. The AHB2 has a very sophisticated resonant-mode switching supply. Unlike conventional switching supplies, which generate a waveform loaded with harmonic content (i.e. noise), the resonant-mode types generate a waveform with very low harmonic content. This results in much lower noise.

Your question is timely, because I just bought an AHB2 for my home system, and plan to add a second one in a month or two (passive bi-amping, with one amp per channel). The two PS Audio regenerators that ran my mono power amps will go up on eBay soon. I’m keeping the third one, which powers my low-level equipment (Oppo digital player, Benchmark DAC and my own preamp).

I confess that I haven’t made the same comparison with my Benchmark DAC2 DX, which has a conventional switching supply.

Regarding hearing and age, I agree that hearing acuity may not have much to do with frequency response.