Contact the Library of Congress.  Much of the National Education  
Television distributed programing - the film and tape "network" that  preceded PBS - 
eventually found its way to the LoC.  I had a hand in it in  the 1980s.    
Alan Lewis
Washington, DC  
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A  while ago while compiling some extended discographies, I was led to 
believe  much of the early programming prepared for public TV
appear to no longer  exist.
In particular, WHYY in Philadelphia and the American Folklore  Society 
produced a series of programs 
hosted by Dr.Tristram Coffin "LYRICS  & LEGENDS".  These were available as 
16mm films from Indiana  University.
Also, the wonderful series of programs by ragtime  pianist MAX MORATH (I 
think for Channel 13 NY/NJ) tracing the history  of
20th century popular music, jazz, ragtime, theater are mostly  missing.
Does anyone know if these particular series DO EXIST  somewhere ??
Is there any organization actively attempting to  recover and preserve NET 
material  ??

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Thank you Josh and Sam! Steve and I  chatted last Friday.

I’ll also take this opportunity to share some  historic content with you 
all. Many of you are probably aware that Saturday  was National Radio Day. In 
celebration, we added more than 500 additional  historic radio programs to 
our Online Reading Room, including programs from  Vermont Public Radio, WERU 
Community Radio, and many series distributed by the  National Association of 
Educational Broadcasters, which was contributed to the  American Archive of 
Public Broadcasting by the University of Maryland and  digitized in our 
last major digitization project. A list of series with links  to the online 
media is available here:


Casey  E. Davis
Senior Project Manager, WGBH Media Library and Archives Project  Manager, 
American Archive of Public Broadcasting
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Please permit me concur with Sam that Alan  Gevinson, Karen Cariani, Casey
Davis, and Rachel Curtis are  doing important work with the history of
public broadcasting  preservation, digitization, and education with the
American  Archive of Public Broadcasting.


Josh Shepperd, Ph.D.
Asst. Professor of Media & Communication
Catholic  University, Washington D.C.

Director -  Radio Preservation Task Force
National Recording Preservation  Board, Library of Congress