Hey There,

Just FYI, I sent the article to a colleague who replied thus:

"Quite an expensive way to try to get clean AC power. I wonder if he
actually gets isolation from the other power pole transformers on the line.
The story could have read like this:   Mr. Audio Phile purchased a $10,000
precision sine wave generator.  The sine wave generator is set to precisely
50.0000 Hertz +/- 1ppm.  The sine wave generator feeds an electronic filter
bank to ensure that the sine wave is perfectly shaped and that there is no
distortion.    The signal is fed into a $20,000 precision DC MosFet audio
power amplifier.  The volume is set so that the output voltage is exactly
100.00 Volts AC.  This amplifier has less than .001 Volts of DC offset.  
The meter used for calibrating the output voltage was $1500.  He got it on
sale.  They are normally $1999."

Just thought you might be interested. Great discussion!