I think the question comes down to do you want reasons to keep CLASSICAL vinyl, as opposed to other genres on vinyl or reasons to keep classical VINYL as opposed to CDs or whatever.  As all collectors know, there are those who worship vinyl as a medium and feel that it is so superior to other media, and those who think those collectors should belong to the flat earth society of audio.  Vinyl DOES have its advantages, mainly that the highest frequency harmonic content is more accurately reproduced than on CDs; this is because the highest frequency harmonic content is so low in level compared to the main body of the audio signal and therefore there are very few bits available to accurately reproduce it.  It is in this area that SACDs are so superior.  Many vinyl enthusiasts love the "ambience" around the music that is missing on CDs.  This "ambience" is nothing more than the sound of stylus against groove walls - it has nothing to do with the original recording.  I have no doubt that these enthusiasts would prefer the sound of an LP to the sound of the master tape from which it was made.
As opposed to many 78s, the main characteristic of LPs that lowers their status as a medium is that, aside from the few direct to disc recordings that have come out, they are all two or more generations removed from the master recording and it is that master that, as long as it's preserved, will keep the recordings alive.  Many if not most 78s from the pre-tape era are also direct to disc recordings so if you have a good copy and good equipment to play it on, a 78 will give better reproduction than any subsequent mastering efforts.

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 Greetings everyone.

I need some help in convincing someone to keep a collection of classical vinyl.

ASAP!!!  Please!
Ben Roth