Thanks to all for your responses.
The ARSC article credits EVEREST as the source of the tapes - some from the SCALA label, which like many other labels
became a subsidiary of EVEREST, but I think started out as an independent.  I perused the article, but did not notice
any mention of the Olympus series - am I wrong about that being a source for the Murray Hill set ??
What is George Mendelssohn's connection to Everest / Murray Hill ??

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Once it's been on LP the sound quality is lost-Mickey

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> Funny you should bring up the Murray Hill LP Caruso set, Thomas.  Several
> of us have had a recent discussion of a new CD box set "reissue" by Bayer,
> a German concern, of an earlier Bayer set from about 25 years ago, that 
> was
> one of the worst historical CD sets ever made.  It was derived from the
> Murray Hill Caruso LPs, pushed thru No-Noise with disastrous results. 
> Here
> is Gary Galo's 1990 review in the ARSC Journal:
> ​w> 
> <>
> And it has had other negative press.  Ironically, the new set sells for
> about double the cost of the best complete Caruso set on Naxos, based on
> Ward Marston's transfers.
> Best,
> John Haley
> .
> On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 8:24 PM, Thomas Stern <[log in to unmask]> 
> wrote:
>> Hi Dennis,
>>   Interesting to know that Mendelssohn produced the Caruso set.  IIRC, I
>> tried to obtain a copy, but RCA had suppressed it.  It was
>> my belief that the set was a reprint of the OLYMPIC?? discs issued in
>> England (is that true, or was it a different transfer-if so who
>> did the engineering, was it any good????), but included extensive booklet
>> of notes.  I think the
>> booklet showed up on some cut-out book lists.  Rarely does the set appear
>> on auction.  Can't be of much interest with the many CD reissues
>> of Caruso.
>>   Any idea how many of the Murray Hill sets actually got into circulation
>> before being suppressed??
>> Thanks!
>> Thomas.
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>> In reply to Dave Lewis,
>> "Ovation" was not a high-budget project. I was producing the Minnesota
>> Orchestra broadcasts in those days and also producing session recordings 
>> by
>> them for Vox Productions, the proprietor of which, George H. de
>> Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, was also responsible for the Caruso issue on 
>> Murray
>> Hill Lps, the subject of many recent posts. As I recall, he offered to
>> supply pressings of *Petrouchka* as a promotional gesture. The first 
>> disc,
>> therefore, consisted of earlier MSO recordings as Dave notes. They were 
>> all
>> transferred by me and the tape masters were cut and pressed by Vox, if
>> memory serves. They were the first historical recordings of the MSO to be
>> reissued. While I repent of the quality of some of the cuts on that disc, 
>> I
>> am gratified that I was able to offer far better reissue quality on the
>> Minnesota Orchestra's Centennial CD Collection, which I produced in 2002.
>> Leibowitz's *Gurrelieder* is one of the best of the recordings of that
>> work but its Vox reissue was not covered in sonic glory. Although the
>> catalogue now has plenty of issues of it, it took several decades before
>> another creditable recorded performance came along.
>> Ciao,
>> DDR
>> On Tue, Aug 2, 2016 at 4:46 AM, David Lewis <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
>> > I have here a set which my late friend Jud Yalkut was very proud to
>> > own and never expected to find myself: Haydn Society HSL-100,
>> > Schoenberg's "Gurre Lieder" conducted by René Leibowitz with soloists,
>> > chorus and the New Symphony Society of Paris. Engineered by André
>> > Charlin, copyright 1952. Or is it? The discs and booklet notes are from
>> Vox, VBX 204, released in 1962.
>> > One might assume that the previous owner swapped out their Haydn
>> > Society discs and book for those of the Vox reissue, but is it
>> > possible it was sold this way? Haydn Society having some album sets
>> > left over which Vox cannabalized?
>> >
>> > Also I have a set, "Ovation," celebrating the 75th Anniversary of the
>> > Minnesota Orchestra in 1978 and produced by a chap named Dennis Rooney.
>> > Inside is a disc on the Minnesota Orchestra label presenting a survey
>> > of the orchestra's recorded output ranging from 1925 to 1961, and then
>> > a Vox disc of Skrowaczeski conducting Stravinsky and Prokofiev which
>> > absolutely belongs to this set -- the liners are printed on the back
>> > cover of the gatefold. Was it more economical to just use the Vox
>> > pressing of the second disc and to concentrate the budget on the first?
>> >
>> > thanks,
>> >
>> > Uncle Dave Lewis
>> >
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