Hi everybody,

Apologies if I have missed a thread that speaks to this issue. Has anybody compiled documentation they'd be willing to share on the various ChronAm commands and what they do (and when it is appropriate to use them)? I've  gotten far enough along with this that I know how to load a batch and purge a batch, but other than that I'm not so sure. Looking at the .py files for some offers a little guidance, but often there are not comments and I'm not a programmer, so it's a bit cryptic. Is there something in the distribution that documents these that I've missed? I'm proceeding by trial and error, but I'd prefer to skip as many errors (and trials) as possible :)

Anything you could share (even if it's just a one off about your routines) would be very helpful.

Thanks again to everybody for your willingness to help out! We've got a working test instance with locally produced data now, and we'd never have gotten there without a lot of patient answers from all of you.

Mary Willoughby

Digital Library of Georgia