As announced at the annual meeting of the EAD Roundtable, the Steering Committee put together an introductory guide to valid EAD3 files. The starter toolkit can be found here:

It consists of three sample valid EAD3 files, which also meet DACS requirements for Required and Optimum levels of description (respectively called "minimum" and "optimum" in the filenames), and an element-by-element description of the elements and their use with links to the EAD3 tag library and DACS (as relevant). While the Steering Committee is aware that other content standards are used internationally, we felt the DACS integration was important for the Roundtable's SAA membership. We welcome pull requests to add versions which comply with other international standards or additional rows in the documentation table to cite other standards.

The toolkit documentation also contains a section on validating your EAD3 file, which may prove useful to those already familiar with EAD but validating against the RNG or XSD for the first time.

Ruth Kitchin Tillman, former EAD Roundtable co-chair