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The June and July Metal Industry Indicators Summary Report was just
released today:

"The Metal Industry Indicators summary report with indexes for July and
August is scheduled for release on the World Wide Web at 10:00 a.m. EDT,
Friday, September 16, 2016."

Metal Industry Indicators:

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*Strategic and Critical Minerals* [0.7 MB, .PPTX]

David Pineault, of the Defense Logistics Agency, presents an eye-opening
look at the importance of select minerals in the defense industrial base
and how these critical and strategic assets are analyzed. From source
materials to system platforms, this in-depth seminar shares the importance
of minerals from the perspective of the Department of Defense.

*The World of Silver *[13.1 MB, .PPTX]

Miguel Perez-Santalla, of Heraeus, shares his research into the
applications and supply-demand balance of one of the most visible minerals
in the world, silver. From photovoltaics and electronics to coins and
jewelry, we learn how silver is everywhere.

*Mapping and Forecasting Global Material Cycles *[14.9 MB, .PPTX]

Daniel Muller, of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology,
provides his expertise on the key drivers and trends for global material
cycles. The dimensions of analysis for moving materials from the ground
into use and incentives for recycling and clean energy are key parts to his
presentation on understanding the many factors that influence population
growth, urbanization, and industrialization.

*Mining and Poverty* [2.0 MB, .PPTX]

Keith Slack, of OxFam America, challenges the conventional understanding of
mining opportunities across the world by expanding knowledge on the way
that oil, gas, and mining projects are designed to respects the rights of
all people and contribute to the reduction of long-term poverty.

*Mining the Panama Papers *[15.0 MB, .PPTX]

Kevin Hall, of McClatchy DC, and Will Fitzgibbon, of the International
Consortium of Investigative Journalists, explore the bounds of the Panama
Papers in looking at extractive industries involved in one of the largest
data leaks in modern history. Connecting the lines from mineral end users
and their respective applications to the countries that act as tax havens
for corporations, this seminar will raise more questions than it answers.

*Mineral Processing Plant Design* [31.9 MB, .PPTX]

Aaron Noble, of West Virginia University, provides a walkthrough of mineral
processing plant design, explains the role of fundamental science and
research in mineral processing, and provides examples of how current
research is changing traditional design paradigms.

*Cuban Economy, Policy, and Mineral Sector Development* [1.0 MB, .PPTX]

Jorge Pinon, of the University of Texas at Austin, illuminates the
potential market of the Cuban minerals industry and the economy’s
applications of mineral end use applications.

*Steelmaking Raw Materials *[5.0 MB, .PPT]

Dr. Joseph Poveromo, of Raw Materials Ironmaking Global Consulting, details
the world’s largest non-fuel mineral resources, iron ore and its subsequent
steel production, giving a fresh look into one of the world’s oldest metals
and how technology has changed the game.

*The Rise of Battery Megafactories* [9.0 MB, .PPTX]

Andrew Miller, of Benchmark Mineral Intelligence, prominently displays the
implications for raw material sourcing and sustainability in one of the
fastest growing applications of the energy industry, the battery.

*Oil Booms and Business Busts* [2.7 MB, .PPTX]

Nimah Mazaheri, of Tufts University, shares his findings from his new book,
Oil Booms and Business Busts, to explain how resource wealth is actually
hurting entrepreneurs in the developing world.


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