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I used to be a school psychologist and we often used this to test for learning and other disabilities.  It is part of an overall kit.  Also, due to copyright as well as the issues of "cheating" on one's IQ test, it may be difficult to borrow.  When I lived in OH, there was a state-wide agency that stocked a lot of these tests for school districts as they are pretty pricey; perhaps you have one in your area and not anyone could just walk in and borrow.  But again, you have to watch the terms.  It might be that only "certified" people can borrow or use it.  It would be like a drug or medical instrument, you have to have specialized experience or education in order to use it to avoid abuse.  

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Iíve had a request to locate the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS-IV) Administration and Scoring Manual, and am not having luck finding it in our database subscriptions.  Before I conclude that itís not available online, I wanted to check with those who may have run across it before and see if anyone had any suggestions.  Iíve checked in ScienceDirect, Medline, the DSM Library at Psychiatry Online, and PsycNET, and have found lots of articles about the WAIS-IV, but not the actual test or Scoring Manual.  Is it available in any database, or do we need to buy a copy of the actual ďKití to get this item?
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