The Commerce Research Library is discarding the following books. Please contact me directly to request any or all of the items listed.  Books can be picked up at our Downtown DC location or we can ship within the Continental US.  Please respond by Friday, August 26 if interested, and be sure to include your mailing address.  We will pay postage.


·         Emergency Protection in the Footwear Industry, Trade Policy Research Centre, 1983

·         Luggage and Leather Goods Manual, Luggage & Leather Goods Manufacturers of America, Inc., 1948

·         International Glossary of Leather Terms, International Council of Tanners, 1968

·         The Economics of the Fur Industry, Victor R. Fuchs, Columbia University Press, 1957

·         Skin, Hide, and Leather Defects, Tanner’s Council Laboratory, 1959

·         A Study of Competition and Management in the Shoe Manufacturing Industry, National Shoe Manufacturers Association, 1959 (need rebinding)

·         The World’s Leather & Leather Products Industry, UNIDO, 1993


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