The FEDLINK Education Working Group is planning a library school student intern fair and speed mentoring event on Wednesday, October 19th from 12:30 to 4:30 pm at the Library of Congress, Madison Building.
The event will include:
Intern Fairs and Speed Mentoring both encourage and promote the next generation of leaders by providing students with a forum to meet with professionals to discuss career experiences and to learn firsthand what tools are needed to excel in their fields.  These types of events are especially important to library school students attempting to garner more of the knowledge and expertise required to succeed in their chosen field of librarianship.  They also provide an opportunity for professional librarians and library administrators to give back to the profession as well as find fantastic new additions for their own staffs.
Please register your interest in participating at: or by contacting me using the information below.
Thank you,
Jennifer L. McMahan
Deputy Director, Library Staff
US Department of Justice
(202) 616-8945
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