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PIADC Library Excess Titles: 


ˇ        Biology of the Mycoplasma                                              NY Acad of Sci                      1967                                    

ˇ        Cellular Biology of Myxovirus Infections                        Ciba Foundation                   1964                                    

ˇ        Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates                               Baer                                      1964                                    

ˇ        Current Occupational & Enviro. Medicine (3rd)                LaDou                                  2004                                    

ˇ        Mechanisms of Virus Infection                                         Wilson/Smith                       1963                                    

ˇ        Modern Cell Biology                                                        Waymouth                           1987                                    

ˇ        Modern Experimental Organic Chemistry                        Roberts                                 1974                                    

ˇ        Mycoplasma Diseases of Man                                           Sprössig                                1969                                    

ˇ        Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease                             Elsevier                                 2007                                    

ˇ        Readings in Mammalian Cell Culture                               Pollack                                 1973                                    

ˇ        Slow Virus Infections                                                        NINDB                                  1965                                    

ˇ        Staining Methods (Histologic & Histochemical)              McManus                             1960                                    

ˇ        Symposium of Oncogenicity of Virus Vaccines                  Gusic                                     1968                                    

ˇ        Symposium on Hog Cholera                                              Mainwaring                         1962                                    

ˇ        The 9 Natural Laws of Leadership                                     Blank                                    1995                                    

ˇ        The Biochemistry of Viruses                                              Levy                                       1969                                    

ˇ        The Chemical Foundations of Molecular Bio.                  Steiner                                  1965                                    

ˇ        The Molecular Biology of Viruses                                    Colter                                  1967                                    

ˇ        The Natural History of Viruses                                         Andrewes                              1967      

ˇ        The Nucleic Acids III                                                           Chargaff                              1960