As a follow up to the discussion we had at today’s GHE SME meeting concerning the Agile JIRA process, I was wondering how the JIRA Tasks relate to use of the GHE ListServe, targeted emails and/or phone calls for communicating high priority, critical issues. My biggest concern is, do we become like ITS (and IMT) where the “Ticket” is the only means to get some task addressed and that “Ticket” gets put in a queue based on the receiver’s perception of the issue (not the originator’s need for action). This seems to be the reason the RAP database lock takes 10 days to be resolved, instead of what I would say is an industry metric of less than 24 hours. That said, consider the following real examples- would they be  JIRA “Task” or GHE Notification?


1.      GHE RAP Database lock

2.      Congressional Portal Storymap Series CRS – CRS logo is off page, needs to be aligned with LOC logo

3.      GHE templates (Filter template and others) on both Staff and Congressional Portals are missing the “Configuration” pages (compared to AGOL), therefore they are non-functioning

4.      Need for custom geocoders in the GHE for US-centric searches.

5.      Way to transfer map application configurations between Staff and Congressional (and Public) Portals


To my logic, items 1, 2, and 3 are immediate needs that warrant immediate communication and response (“something’s broken”), and therefore require notification to the GHE Team though the GHE ListServe, email, or phone call.

Items 4 and 5 would be considered “enhancements” that would be entered into JIRA, and be discussed and prioritized at the next GHE SME meeting.

And then the corollary question is, for items 1-3, do we do both?  


Your thoughts?


Jim Uzel

GIS Analyst

Congressional Research Service

(202) 707-6830