Good question. Could have something to do with LC security, or it could just be a random browser glitch.

I saw exactly the behavior you described. Let it sit there for a while, then refreshed the IE window and the layers appeared.

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Subject: GHE Issue: Layers not drawing in Application

We have seen this before. When using two or more services in one map, one (or more) of the service layers does not draw. The data is there if clicked on, but the features do not render. Also, there seems to be no rhyme or reason which layer draws/doesn't draw. In the example below one service layer draws (115th Congressional Districts) in Firefox, and the other layer (114th districts that changed) draws in IE.
Reason this is critical:

*         Because we do not have the capabilities of Dynamic Layers, If we want to have one layer with transparency, then we must create a separate service for that layer.

*         In the Portal Map, we cannot control the transparency of individual feature layers, but only the entire service layer.

*         Putting transparency on the layer in the original map document is not supported when creating a Service.
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URL to map app:

Are there reasons this is happening? Solutions?


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