The that Les’ email links to has instructions to download and install the software from Northwestern’s site.  There is a link that doesn’t copy as live, but you’ll see it in the online version of the section of the document copied below.




2.1. Run the setup program


Follow these instructions to install the toolkit for the first time, and to install later updates. If you're installing the OCLC Connexion version, the first time you run the setup program it probably won't matter whether the Connexion client is running; but later, when you install updates, you'll run into trouble if the Connexion client is running. This means that when installing the OCLC Connexion version, you might as well get into the habit of always closing the Connexion client before you run the setup program. If you're installing an update to the independent version of the toolkit, always close the toolkit, then run the installation program.


There are separate installation packages for each of the toolkit's operating modes. These packages are available at the Northwestern University Library's download site. You can if you wish install more than one package on the same workstation, and use them in alternation. Don't try to run multiple instances of the toolkit (either the same mode, or different modes) at the very same time.


Etc. …



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Sorry about my ignorance, but alas, I've never heard of the Authority Toolkit. I would love to use it. How can I get hold of it?



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One of the outcomes from the PCC Operations Committee Meeting in May 2016 was to gather information on use of the Authority Toolkit among PCC member institutions to determine the level of interest in setting up a listserv and/or a user group to support Authority Toolkit users.

PCC members are invited to take the survey posted:

The survey should take no more than 5 minutes to complete and the results will only be used for the purposes mentioned in the first paragraph above. Thank you for your help in providing this information.

For additional background, please see: Authority toolkit: create and modify authority records

The survey ends August 26, 2016.


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