I can think of at least one other exception. I sometimes have to modify the access point(s) in a record that cannot ever be used in RDA, e.g., to add a death date to an access point in a record for an AACR2-style bilingual or polyglot uniform title. These do need to be revised but should not be recoded as RDA. Perhaps that exception could be added to the DCM language as well.

Module 7 slide 29 of the NACO materials says in the trainer’s note: “LC/PCC policy requires that catalogers that make any change to a NAR are required to recode it to RDA.” So the training materials are basically in sync with DCM.


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As I understand it, yes, per the Descriptive Cataloging Manual-Z1 (see page 27: 008/10):

"General All new name authority records created and contributed by LC/PCC catalogers must use code 008/10 “z” and include subfield $e rda in the 040 (Cataloging source) field.

When an existing NAR using code “a”, “b”, “c”, or “d” is modified in any way, evaluate the NAR and re-code it to RDA, changing the 008/10 code accordingly.

Exception 1: If an existing NAR using code “c” is modified only to change or add a 5XX field, catalogers are strongly encouraged, but not required, to evaluate the NAR and re-code it to RDA, changing the 008/10 code accordingly.

Exception 2: Existing undifferentiated name authority records coded 008/10 “c” may be modified to remove one or more identities in order to create differentiated RDA authority records. When modifying an existing undifferentiated name authority record for this purpose, the updated undifferentiated name authority record must retain the existing 008/10 code. "

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If a straight AACR2 authority record (Rules = c) does not have the 667 notice that it must be re-examined before using in an RDA record, do I need to convert it to RDA if I add any sort of data whatsoever, specifically an 046 or a 670? Or do I only need to do this if I change the 100 (such as by closing the dates) or composing a new 100?

I seem to remember the answer is yes, I need to convert an AACR2 authority record to RDA no matter what data I add or correct, but I want to confirm this.

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