When we add a death date to the personal name authority, we don’t add a 4XX for the open date.  At least I don’t, and I haven’t seen that being done.   So based on that, I wouldn’t add a 4XX with the open date for the name/title variants either.


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Subject: Referring from old forms of name-title headings in VAPs




I’m updating a composer’s NAR to include a death date.  There are an additional 70+ authority records for works by the composer (Walter Hartley). 


It’s clear from various guidelines, that when personal name authorities are involved, old forms of headings should be included as a see-reference.  For example, the CDM Z1 in the 4xx See From Tracings reads:  “Generally provide a variant form 4XX access point for a former 1XX authorized access point, unless the former authorized access point was egregiously incorrect.”  The NACO FAQ also indicates this practice (http://www.loc.gov/aba/pcc/naco/personnamefaq.html#13).


What doesn’t seem as clear is whether the same practice should apply to name-title authority records.  In practice, sometimes such VAPs are included (e.g. the 350+ VAPs from ‘Byrd, William, 1539 or 40-1623’), but that is not always the practice (e.g. there are only 12 VAPs from ‘Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich, 1804-1857’, though roughly 150 NARs were updated to reflect a name change).


I’d appreciate clarification on this point, before I revise all the NARS for Walter Hartley.


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