We are continuing to use $s and $t in its original meaning of start and termination date for corporate bodies, because $q and $r haven't yet been implemented.  For a one-day conference, I always input the same date in both $s and $t.

Adam Schiff

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Subject: Question about: 046--start ($s) and end ($t) dates for conferences

Not that this is a matter of earth-shattering importance, but I've run across it a couple of times, and I'm curious what people think:


046 $s is defined as "Earliest date in a period of activity," and $t as, "Latest date in a period of activity."


So, if we are establishing a conference that lasted only 1 day, are people just recording 046 $s, or recording identical values in both $s and $t? The logic of the MARC definition seems to suggest the latter course; but I'm wondering if it's overkill.







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