I had occasion today to use an AAP for a German scholar who's been established in the National Authority File under her name followed by the qualifier $c (Research associate).

This phrase occurs in her online CV as the English translation of the job title "Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin" (or for males, "Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter").

I know this question of choosing an appropriate qualifier when no birth date/fuller form of name/etc. is available can be a prickly one, but I would like to caution against choosing this particular qualifier.

"Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter"/"Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin" in the German academic system is by its nature a temporary status.

Most German scholars at the beginning of their careers hold positions where this is their job title -- they are all hoping to move up the academic ladder to positions where they will have the title of Professor or something similar.

If they continue to publish, they will find it rather odd to see that records for their books identify them as a "Research associate."

A little further investigation in this particular case showed that the scholar in question was working in the area of Medieval history, so a more appropriate qualifier -- one that would have a more permanent application as she continues to work in academics -- might have been
 $c (Medievalist).

So this is a request that we all try to avoid qualifiers that have a built-in temporary aspect -- "(Postdoctoral fellow)" would be another example. I would suggest that we instead formulate qualifiers based on a person's area of interest, i.e. (Scholar of <insert appropriate term here>).
Charles Croissant
Senior Catalog Librarian
Pius XII Memorial Library
Saint Louis University
St. Louis, MO 63108