I agree that the scope does not include 130 titles. The intent of the field is to record the 1XX as an agent responsible or not responsible in some way for the title in the 672 or 673, respectively.  Since titles do not represent agents, they cannot be responsible for another title in the same way an agent could be.

I read the field definitions' use of "related in some manner" and "not related in any manner" as intended to avoid enumerating kinds of responsibility, not to include all forms of relationship.  For instance, we wouldn't use either field to indicate ownership or non-ownership of a title by the 1XX entity.


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FYI/FWIW:  The statements you quoted only repeat the field definitions for 672 and 673 in MARC 21 Format for Authority Data.  They are not PCC policy per se.  The scope of application is as you have repeated it.



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A question came to mind as I was reading the new DCM Z1 instructions on the 672 and 673 fields.  The first sentence of the guidelines for both fields reads in part: “…the entity represented by the 100, 110, 111, or 151 in the name authority record.”  I take it then that 672s and 673s are not used in records for works and expressions as no mention is made of the 130 field?



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