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Subject: [rules] Week 1: Four proposals to comment on by Thursday 8/18


Here are the links to blog posts for the first four proposals and discussion papers for CC:DA to review.  They all deal with aspects of cataloging rare materials.  Please post comments to the CC:DA blog by Thursday, August 18, at which point I will call for a vote to allow Kathy to formulate ALA responses based on your comments.

RSC/RareWG/2: Revision of RDA 1.8.1 Numbers Expressed as Numerals or as Words
5 pages
RSC/RareWG/1: Early Printed Resources and Rare Printed Resources
7 pages
RSC/RareWG/5: Revision of RDA Note on Extend of Manifestation, Early Printed Resources
9 pages
RSC/RareWG/3: Revision of RDA 3.4.5 Extent of Text
12 pages

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