Thanks Michael, Adam, and Richard.  I have shared your thoughts with our NACO participants and encouraged them to use their best judgment.


Mary Jane Cuneo

Harvard Library


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Adam Schiff said: I don't think there is any guidance on this Mary Jane

Some guidance would be nice, wouldn't it?

I have evolved to the point where I enter information in the 3xx fields of an authority record in a "faceted" (for lack of a better term) manner. That is, if the information is in one field, I don't duplicate it in another. Examples:

374 Composers

375 female


374 Female composers

375 female

368 Congresses and conventions

372 Viticulture


368 Congresses and conventions

372 Viticulture--Congresses

As I've said, I haven't seen any guidance. I would like to think this could be a best practice. Others may not agree.


Michael Colby
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University of California, Davis
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