Dear CW,

I'm giving a cross reference for a person whose forename is hyphenated ("Nils-Gòˆran"); the cross reference includes the initial-ized form. On the source, a hyphen is used ("N-G"). My understanding is that periods should be added, but I'm less clear on whether the hyphen should be retained. RDA says "Include any typographic devices when they appear as part of multi-letter abbreviations of a name." Is a hyphen a "typographic device"? My inclination is to include it, not only because it's representative, but also since it creates a visual parallel with the hyphen in the full forename being given in $q of the same field.

It's too bad that punctuation isn't searchable in the NAF, as I'm sure ample precedent for this situation exists.

Thoughts? Thanks,

Casey A. Mullin
Music Cataloger
New York Public Library