Hi, Casey

I searched using "jean baptiste j b" and "marie claire" and also found
mixed practice, but I agree that usage seems to be the determinant. Most of
the records I found are coded AACR2 but a couple are coded RDA (e.g. n
82144210 for Arban, J.-B. (Jean-Baptiste), 1825-1889 and no2015114308
for Biélawski, J.-B.-M. (Jean-Baptiste-Maurice), 1838-1921). I'd add the
periods and retain the hyphen, Casey.

-Phyllis Jones

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> A quick postscript... My Tuesday-morning brain didn't think of this a
> moment ago. I did a search on "jean paul j p"; the practice is quite mixed,
> with some access points giving "J. P. $q (Jean-Paul)" and some "J.-P. $q
> (Jean-Paul)"
> So, perhaps there's no one right answer here. (Or maybe usage of the
> initials is the arbiter?) But I'm still interested in hearing others'
> opinions.
> Casey
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> wrote:
>> Dear CW,
>> I'm giving a cross reference for a person whose forename is hyphenated
>> ("Nils-Göran"); the cross reference includes the initial-ized form. On the
>> source, a hyphen is used ("N-G"). My understanding is that periods should
>> be added, but I'm less clear on whether the hyphen should be retained. RDA
>> says "Include any typographic devices when they appear as part of
>> multi-letter abbreviations of a name." Is a hyphen a "typographic device"?
>> My inclination is to include it, not only because it's representative, but
>> also since it creates a visual parallel with the hyphen in the full
>> forename being given in $q of the same field.
>> It's too bad that punctuation isn't searchable in the NAF, as I'm sure
>> ample precedent for this situation exists.
>> Thoughts? Thanks,
>> Casey
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