I am writing in the hopes of settling a disagreement between me and one of
the cataloging staff in my unit.

We have a monograph written in Cyrillic text (we sent it to Backstage
Library Works for cataloging, but usually handle the authorities in house
(not my call)). I have photographs of the title page and verso
​, if anyone is interested in looking at them.

My question is whether anyone who is fluent in reading Russian could tell
me if they think that the body mentioned at the top of the title page is a
traceable corporate body or not. It would also help if someone could tell
me what it says, exactly, as Google Translate doesn't help that much.

The website for the publisher is here: http://www.consultant.

What I mostly want to know is if

частное учреждение дополнительного профессионального образования <<школа
права <<СТАТУТ>>

is a separate corporate body which needs to be traced or not. Given that
I'm not comfortable with relying on Google Translate, I'm not comfortable
creating a NAR for

<<школа права <<СТАТУТ>>.

Thank you kindly, in advance, for your attention and assistance.

Alexis Zirpoli
Cataloging Services Librarian
University of Michigan Law Library
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