Hi Glenn,

Usually when the stylesheets aren't working for us, it turns out it's because we forgot to collect the static assets.  Does this help with your first problem?

`django-admin.py collectstatic --noinput`

I don't know why thumbnails but not other images would be showing up.  If you can find an error message for the full page images, that might be helpful.  Usually if you watch the network / sources you'll see urls like this: 


and if you open one of those in a new tab, you might get actual errors back about what is going wrong.  I would try checking the apache logs, too, to see if there is anything there that might explain the problem.

Hope that helps start you down the debugging path!

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Date: Tuesday, September 27, 2016 at 11:33
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Subject: Newest mystery

Has anyone ever run into this situation?

New Chronam installation. Test batch loaded. Access the site successfully but

A) it appears it isn't applying/can't find the style sheets
B) full page image does not appear (thumbnails do)

Thanks in advance.