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We responded directly to Jim; attached is our policy although it need some updating.

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James, thanks for posing the question as we are about to go through the same exercise at the NOAA library.  Thanks to Richard for the NASA policy -- would everyone share to the list?

Ours is from 2007 and needs updating.

Thanks, all.

Regards, Dee

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Don’t know if there will be much to learn from this, but here is NASA Headquarters’ policy. We are NOT a science/engineering library – we focus on policy/management. By the way, we’re located a block from your HQ office in DC – I’ve bought lunch at the sandwich shop in the lobby.



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Good Afternoon,

The SSA Library is beginning work on a collection development policy for the library.  This will be a new endeavor for us, since there isn’t an existing collection development policy at SSA (or if there ever was one it’s been lost in the mists of time!).  Does anyone have a collection development policy that they would be willing to share?  Many of the policies that I’ve reviewed online are for either academic or public libraries, and not exactly suited for our environment.  It would be very helpful to see what issues and policies are addressed by other federal libraries.

Please let me know if  you have any questions, and thanks in advance for any assistance.


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