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Data fuels and validates Grey Literature

Forthcoming,  Volume 12, Number 3, Autumn 2016

ContentsISSN 1574-1796

Editor’s Note


Dissertations and Data
Joachim Schöpfel, Hélène Prost , and Cécile Malleret France; Primož Južnič, Ana Češarek, and Teja Koler-Povh, Slovenia


Can uptake of public health interventions be improved by including grey literature in the evidence base?

Jess Tyndall, Australia


Undiscovered Value of Grey Astronomy Education Research Results
Timothy F. Slater, United States


A semantic engine for grey literature retrieval in the oceanography domain
Sara Goggi, Gabriella Pardelli, Roberto Bartolini, Francesca Frontini, Monica Monachini, Giuseppe Manzella, Maurizio De Mattei and Franco Bustaffa, Italy


The National Portal for Recording Theses (PNST): Its Role, Importance and Constraints for Algerian Researchers

Azzedine Bouderbane, Nadjia Gamouh, and Hadda Saouchi, Algeria


Analysis of National R&D Project Report Output Utilization and Economic Contribution              
Kiseok Choi, Cheol-Joo Chae, Yong-hee Yae, and Yong Ju Shin, Korea




GreyWorks 2016‘Leveraging Grey Resources: A Training Module ’ 21 September 2016, Amsterdam


GL18 Call for Posters‘Leveraging Diversity in Grey Literature’ 28-29 November 2016, New York



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