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Wortabet, John, Harvey Porter, and John L. Mish. 1954. English-Arabic and Arabic-English dictionary. New York: F. Ungar Pub. Hard-bound.




Wu, Jingrong. 1979. Han ying ci dian = The Pinyin Chinese-English dictionary. Hong Kong: Commercial Press. Hard-bound.




Jockin-La Bastide, J. A., G. van Kooten, and J. Kramers. 1981. Cassell's New English-Dutch, Dutch-English dictionary. London: Cassell. Hard-bound.




Marwick, Lawrence. 1980. Diplomatic Hebrew: a glossary of current terminology. Washington: Library of Congress. Hard-bound.




Denti, Renzo. 1958. Dizionario tecnico italiano-inglese, inglese-italiano. Aggiuntevi: le abbreviazioni tecniche anglo-americane di uso corrente, nonchè numerose tabelle di conversione e reduzione indispensabili nei traffici internazionali. Milano: U. Hoepli. Italian-English, English-Italian technical dictionary. Hard-bound.




Brinkley, F. 1969. Brinkley's Japanese-English dictionary. New York: Saphorograph. 2 volumes. Hard-bound.


Kawamoto, Shigeo, Junzaburō Nishiwaki, and Shigehisa Narita. 1977. Kōdansha Ei-Wa jiten = The Kodansha English-Japanese dictionary. Tōkyō: Kōdansha. Softcover.


Katsumata, Senkichirō. 1954. Kenkyusha's new Japanese-English dictionary. Tōkyō: Kenkyūsha. Hard-bound.


Sakade, Florence. 1961. A Guide to reading and writing Japanese: the 1,850 basic characters and the Kana Syllabaries = Tōyō kanji. Rutland, Vt: Charles E. Tuttle. Hard-bound.




Cagnacci Schwicker, Angelo. 1970. International dictionary of metallurgy-mineralogy-geology; mining and oil industries. In four languages: English, French, German, Italian. Milano: Technoprint International. Hard-bound.


Clason, W. E. 1964. Elsevier's lexicon of international and national units: English/American, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Hard-bound.


Clason, W. E. 1965. Elsevier's Electrotechnical dictionary in six languages: English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German. Elsevier. Hard-bound.


Clason, W. E. 1967. Elsevier's dictionary of metallurgy in six languages: English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German. Amsterdam: Elsevier Pub. Co. Hard-bound.


Clason, W. E. 1968. Elsevier's dictionary of chemical engineering. In six languages. English/American-French-Spanish-Italian-Dutch-German. v. 1. Chemical engineering and laboratory equipment. Hard-bound.


Clason, W. E. 1978. Elsevier's dictionary of metallurgy and metal working: in six languages, English/American, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, and German. Amsterdam: Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co. Hard-bound.


Comité Español de Riegos y Drenajes. 1977. Diccionario técnico multilingüe de riegos y drenajes: inglés-(francés)-español = English-(French)-Spanish = anglais-(français)-espagnol. Madrid: Dirección General de Obras Hidráulicas, Ministerio de Obras Públicas. 1st Spanish printing. Hard-bound.


Fédération internationale de la précontrainte. 1976. Multilingual dictionary of concrete: a compilation of terms in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, and Russian. Amsterdam: Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co.

Russian-Chinese-English chemical and technical dictionary. 1965. London: Scientific Information Consultants, 1td. 2 copies available. Hard-bound.


International Commission on Large Dams. 1960. Dictionnaire technique des barrages. Technical dictionary on dams. Technisches Wörterbuch fuer Talsperren. Diccionario técnico de presas. Dizionario tecnico delle dighe. Dicionario tecnico das barragens. Softcover.


International Commission on Large Dams. 1962. Tekhnicheskii slovarʹ po plotinam. Technical dictionary on dams. Tekhnicheski rechnik na iazoviri. Moskva: Glav. red. inostrannykh nauchno-tekhn. slovarei Fizmatgiza. Prepared by the Committee for the U.S.S.R. Participation in International Power Conferences in connection with the decision of the International Commission on Large Dams. Russian, English, Bulgarian, Spanish, Italian, German, Polish, Portuguese, Rumanian, Czech and French. Hard-bound.


International Measurement Confederation. 1985. Vocabulary of terms on measurement and instrumentation: English, German, Russian, French. Moscow: International Measurement Confederation. Paperback.


International Society of Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering. 1954. Technical terms, in English, French, German, Swedish, Portuguese, and Spanish, used in soil mechanics and foundation engineering. 2 copies available. Softcover.


Jacks, G. V. 1960. Multilingual vocabulary of soil science. Vocabulaire multilingue de la science du sol. Vocabulario multilingüe de la ciencia del suelo. Rome: Land & Water Division, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. 3 copies available. Hard-bound.


Pfannkuch, Hans-Olaf. 1969. Elsevier's dictionary of hydrogeology; in three languages, English. French. German. Amsterdam: Elsevier. Hard-bound.


Platzmann, C. R. 1935. International dictionary of cement: English, French, German, Spanish. Dictionnaire international du ciment. [London]: Concrete Publications. Photocopy. Spiral-bound.


Rabchevsky, George A. 1984. Multilingual dictionary of remote sensing and photogrammetry: English glossary and dictionary, equivalent terms in French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian. Falls Church, Va: American Society of Photogrammetry. Hard-bound.


Russian-Chinese-English chemical and technical dictionary. 1965. London: Scientific Information Consultants, 1td. This version of the dictionary was compiled by specialists at the East China School of Chemical Technology. As it is arranged alphabetically by Russian terms, with no indexes, it is primarily of use to Westerners as a Russian-English dictionary, mainly for chemical compounds and common chemical terminology. Hard-bound.


Sube, Ralf, and Günther Eisenreich. 1973. Physik: engl., dt., franz., russ. : mit etwa 75 000 Fachbegriffen. Berlin: Verl. Technik. [1] A-M.--[2] N-Z.--[3] Register. Also issued as: Technik Wörterbuch: englisch, deutsch, französisch, russisch. 3 volumes. Hard-bound.


Tyrkiel, Eugeniusz F. 1977. Dictionary of physical metallurgy: English, German, French, Polish, Russian. Amsterdam: Elsevier Scientific Pub. Co. Hard-bound.


Váczy, C. 1980. Dicționar botanic poliglot: latină, română, engleză, germană, franceza, maghiară, rusă. București: Editura Științifică și Enciclopedică. Latin and Romanian with introd. and explanatory matter in English, French, German, Hungarian, and Russian. Title on added t.p.: Lexicon botanicum polyglottum. Hard-bound.


Visser, A. D. 1965. Elsevier's dictionary of soil mechanics in four languages: English/American, French, Dutch, and German. Amsterdam: Elsevier Pub. Co. 2 copies available. Hard-bound.


Weber, Fritz. 1968. Elsevier's dictionary of high vacuum science and technology. In six languages: German, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian. Amsterdam: Elsevier Pub. Co. Hard-bound.


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WMO/Unesco Panel on Terminology. 1974. International glossary of hydrology = Glossaire international d'hydrologie = [Mezhdunarodnyĭ gidrologicheskiĭ slovarʹ] = Glosario hidrológico internacional. Geneva: Secretariat of the World Meteorological Organization. Paperback.