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De Sola, Ralph. 1978. *Abbreviations dictionary: abbreviations, acronyms,
anonyms and eponyms, appellations, contractions, geographical equivalents,
historical and mythological characters, initials and nicknames, short forms
and slang shortcuts, signs and symbols*. New York: Elsevier North-Holland.
New Int’l 5th ed. 654 p. OCLC: 3168243. Hard-bound.

Dougherty, Margaret M., Julia H. Fitzgerald, and Donald O. Bolander.
1987. *Instant
spelling dictionary: 25,000 words spelled, divided, accented, including
complete rules for spelling, word division, punctuation, capitalization,
abbreviating, word compounding, forms of address, and proofreader's marks*.
Mundelein, Ill: Career Pub.  New 3rd ed. 320 p. OCLC: 17403271. Hard-bound.

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