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I am excited to know that the opportunity to be with you at the Pavilion of the States for the National Book Festival is fast approaching…. as well as the pre-festival Friday events. As a reminder, for those of you who are able, we are meeting at 3pm on Friday, September 23rd in the Madison Bldg. A draft agenda for discussion is below. I welcome suggestions and questions in advance. It matters that the conversation be valuable and productive, so please contribute your thoughts.






State Centers for the Book 9/23 Meeting Agenda (Draft)



A.     Introduction – Pam Jackson, Director CFB (30 minutes)


a.      What we are learning about what’s working and what’s not working?


b.     Q&A



B.    State coordinators (30 minutes)


a.      What do you want to share about what’s working and what’s not working?


b.     Q&A



C.      Other Topics/Programming:


·              Literary Mapping


·              State Book Awards


·              Regional Initiatives including Great Lakes Reads/Rout 1 Reads Reports


-         How well are they working? More to do? Less?


·        What kind of programming would make the most difference to network?


-         New opportunities: United for Libraries / Children’s Book Council




Here is the link to the RSVP google doc for those of you who want to update your information and/or add more to the conversation




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