In the example below there is a MADS NameTitle.   " Herman, Jerry, 1933- Hello, Dolly!"   The AuthoritativeLabel expresses the entire NameTitle and then it is parsed into components and elements.  The Name and Title are expressed separately (in a componentList) and each of these is parsed (into  elementLists).  


The short answer to your question is:

The componentList and ElementLists are what enable you to reconstruct the entire label, with all the elements in the correct order.      


Clearly, this is not the slightest bit obvious from the example.  But if you look closely at the associated definitions,  and decompose the example to triples and then to Turtle, it becomes clear.  I had to go through that exercise some time ago, because I had the same question. (And it was a painful exercise.)





<madsrdf:NameTitle rdf:about="ex:Herman,_Jerry,_1933-_Hello,_Dolly!">

    <rdf:type rdf:resource="//"/>

    <madsrdf:authoritativeLabel>Herman, Jerry, 1933- Hello, Dolly!</madsrdf:authoritativeLabel>

    <madsrdf:componentList rdf:parseType="Collection">

      <madsrdf:PersonalName rdf:nodeID="aHerman-Jerry-1933-">

        <rdf:type rdf:resource="//"/>

        <madsrdf:authoritativeLabel>Herman, Jerry, 1933-</madsrdf:authoritativeLabel>

        <madsrdf:elementList rdf:parseType="Collection">


            <madsrdf:elementValue>Herman, Jerry,</madsrdf:elementValue>







      <madsrdf:Title rdf:nodeID="aHello-Dolly">

       <rdf:type rdf:resource="//"/>

        <madsrdf:authoritativeLabel>Hello, Dolly!</madsrdf:authoritativeLabel>

        <madsrdf:elementList rdf:parseType="Collection">


            <madsrdf:elementValue>Hello, Dolly!</madsrdf:elementValue>







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> I am a new user of MODS and MADS RDF, and I was wondering what motivated

> the decision to use collections of elements rather than individual properties?

> For example elementList and componentList which both contain collections of

> elements/properties?


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