NLS Operations Alert


No. 16-79


DATE          :    September 2, 2016

TO                :    Network Libraries

FROM         :    Richard Smith, Chief, Network Division

SUBJECT   :    TBT to ship with order form



To better accommodate the needs of subscribers to the audio version of Talking Book Topics (TBT), NLS will resume circulating the magazine cartridge and the order form in the same package. This will begin with the September–October 2016 issue.


Longtime subscribers may remember that the order form used to come in the same package as the cassette magazine. That changed in August 2012 with the launch of the Magazines on Cartridge (MOC) program, when cartridges and order forms started to be mailed out separately. However, this change was not well-received by TBT subscribers.


Please remind subscribers that the magazine cartridges and order forms will still need to be returned separately: With the cartridge going back to the producer in its red container and the order form sealed and mailed back to your local library.


For more information contact:

Richard Smith

Chief, Network Division

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