I sent off my first reply before thinking to check how other libraries have entered Lady Cornbury.

LC has, on what I think is a fairly old catalogue record:
Cornbury, Catherine (O'Brien) Hyde, viscountess, 1673-1706.
COPAC has:        Cornbury, Katherine, Lady, d. 1706 (which I think is wrong as well as insufficiently detailed)
                                Cornbury, Catherine O'Brien Hyde, Viscountess, 1673-1706

The inclusion of the O’Brien looks like an anachronism to me.

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Subject: [PCCLIST] AAPs for British nobility

Can anyone provide guidance on the construction of AAPs for British nobility?

I have on my piece (which, by the way, is her funeral sermon, so these are her latest names):

Katherine, Lady Cornbury, Baroness Clifton of Leighton Bromswold … wife to his excellency Edward Lord Viscount Cornbury.

She was born Katherine O’Brien then married Edward Hyde (Viscount Cornbury). She was also Baroness Clifton in her own right. Her name is sometimes spelled with a C.

I found RDA, but all the examples assume that the person has a last name. As far as I know, she was never known as Katherine Hyde. The one sentence instruction about variant AAPs also assumes that the person has a last name and doesn’t say anything about VAPs for the person’s other titles or other orders of names.

“Record a name containing a title of nobility by applying the general guidelines on recording names at 8.5[]<>. Guidelines on recording names containing a title of nobility also apply to names containing a courtesy title of nobility.
Record the proper name as the first element of the name if the person:
uses his or her title rather than surname in resources with which he or she is associated
is listed under his or her title in reference sources.3<>
Follow the proper name in the title by the personal name in direct order. Exclude unused given names.
Follow the personal name with the term of rank in the language in which it was conferred (see appendix G[]<>). Precede the personal name and the part of the title denoting rank by commas.”

RDA instructs us to record royal names in direct order, so Diana is currently Diana, ǂc Princess of Wales, ǂd 1961-1997, not Wales, Diana, princess of. I’m not sure why the rules for royalty and nobility are so different.

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