I think in the past we’d have had lots of differentiated NARs floating around, which might once have been undifferentiated, with other identities recorded in them. When that was the case, I would have had little hesitation in recoding this existing record as differentiated.


However, current practice is to delete an undifferentiated NAR when it is down to the last identity, and create a new one. Therefore if we knew that other identities had once been recorded in this record, it would be consistent with that to delete it and create a new one. However I see no need to do so unless other identities have been involved. I would check the record history.







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It isn’t so unusual and I’ve ‘done’ this both ways. I think the preferred way is to go with option 1, but it does take more time.


Mary Charles Lasater

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Hello Ian,


This is an unusual case indeed!


Strictly speaking, I think you would go with option 1 since the NAR is an undifferentiated record (Name = b).  I believe the point is that we never convert an undifferentiated NAR to a differentiated one, even if the two identities actually represent the same entity.


Perhaps a more astute NACO participant will weigh in with a more definitive response.





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On Wed, Sep 21, 2016 at 8:36 AM, Ian Fairclough <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

PCCLIST readers,


Thanks to Mary Jane Cuneo for asking whether the NAR had previously included other identities - and my apologies for not saying in my first message.  I did check the previous versions of the NAR in Connexion (a very useful service) and found no other identities. As Mary Jane says, one could not exercise the second option if other identities from past versions are found. 


Nevertheless, further guidance in DCM Z1 might help - particularly to avoid having a  undifferentiated NAR reworked as a differentiated one in cases where another identity was indeed previously present.  Instructions might advise catalogers to consult the LC superseded versions.  I wonder if that can only be done in Connexion, or if rival systems also have that capability.


Sincerely - Ian


Ian Fairclough

Cataloging and Metadata Services Librarian

George Mason University


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