“Guo jia jiao xiang yue tuan (China)” does seem to be quite misleading to me for a body located in Taiwan. I doubt that mainland China considers this orchestra to be their “National Symphony Orchestra”. I assume the qualifier (China) was derived from n  79091149, “China (Republic : 1949- )”. The 667 on this record, “SUBJECT USAGE: This heading is not valid for use as a subject. Works about this place are entered under Taiwan.” is presumably irrelevant for an RDA decision, but it is persuasive to me that “Taiwan” should be used rather than “China” when a qualifier is needed. But perhaps there is some policy decision published somewhere that we both have missed.




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Subject: Place name qualifier for a corporate body in Taiwan


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I'm upgrading to RDA the record for the National Symphony Orchestra of Taiwan (no2008142999). The cataloger who originally set this up added a qualifier to the heading, presumably applying AACR2 24.4C2 (that is, the "body has a character that is national, state, provincial, etc.") With a generic name like this, it makes sense. RDA's allows this, so the presence of the qualifier is not problematic.


What puzzles me is that the place qualifier was chosen as "China." Is this permissible in RDA? Wouldn't "Taiwan" be more appropriate? The clause at LC-PCC PS 16.4 says "Use “Taiwan” for the province of Taiwan only as a location qualifier."  Now,I read this as allowing the use of "Taiwan", but not necessarily requiring the use of "Taiwan" in such cases. Still, "Taiwan "seems the prudent choice.


If practice here used to be different (i.e., specifically calling for "China"), I can't find an old LCRI that says so. In the spirit of not changing a 1xx unless absolutely necessary, I will leave it alone if someone can cite justification for the choice of "China" as qualifier for a body located in Taiwan.


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