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We don’t manually create the kind of VAPs you are asking about in name title authority records for musical works here at LC, but we wouldn’t remove them, they can’t hurt.


The Byrd NARs were upgraded in batch runs in March 2013, so the changes were probably programmatic and have something to do with Phase 1 or are Phase 1 adjacent. Gary would know more about this.


The Glinka name change was done manually, but the Phase 2 changes for the facets “arr.” and “Selections” preceded the name change (by just a few months) and this accounts for most of the VAPs in the 12 records in the authority file.


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When we add a death date to the personal name authority, we don’t add a 4XX for the open date.  At least I don’t, and I haven’t seen that being done.   So based on that, I wouldn’t add a 4XX with the open date for the name/title variants either.


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Subject: Referring from old forms of name-title headings in VAPs




I’m updating a composer’s NAR to include a death date.  There are an additional 70+ authority records for works by the composer (Walter Hartley). 


It’s clear from various guidelines, that when personal name authorities are involved, old forms of headings should be included as a see-reference.  For example, the CDM Z1 in the 4xx See From Tracings reads:  “Generally provide a variant form 4XX access point for a former 1XX authorized access point, unless the former authorized access point was egregiously incorrect.”  The NACO FAQ also indicates this practice (


What doesn’t seem as clear is whether the same practice should apply to name-title authority records.  In practice, sometimes such VAPs are included (e.g. the 350+ VAPs from ‘Byrd, William, 1539 or 40-1623’), but that is not always the practice (e.g. there are only 12 VAPs from ‘Glinka, Mikhail Ivanovich, 1804-1857’, though roughly 150 NARs were updated to reflect a name change).


I’d appreciate clarification on this point, before I revise all the NARS for Walter Hartley.


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