It’s definitely confusing to to point of near meaninglessness, and I’m not sure it’s really necessary to specify person, corporate body, etc. in the relationship itself. (No other relators that I know of do this.)


For the life of me I cannot figure out what’s wrong with


“Founder:” (connecting corp. body to person/corp. body/family that founded the entity)

“Founded:” (connecting person/corp. body/family to corp. body they founded)




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The phrase “Founded corporate body of person” is (one assumes) clear to whoever devised it, is obscure to you and me, and will be meaningless to a user.



It has the look of a phrase mechanically translated and rearranged from a different language, invoking a rule that in English an adjective must precede the noun it modifies, though here it functions as a past participle, and with a preposition translated "of" that would be properly translated as "by". Might this have been the process?


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