I do not know the usage for the term “Dauphinois” in this case, but I suspect it is being used to indicate that he is from the place in France called Dauphine (pardon my lack of accent and see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dauphinois). If so, then it should not be part of the name at all. I found a reference source that said he was born in that area (Grenoble is in the Dauphine area) so that makes sense as the meaning of that term in this case. 



If my name appears in a book as “Kate James of Washington, D.C.”  the “of Washington, D.C.” is not part of the preferred name.  When a person does not have a surname, a phrase indicating place of origin, domicile, etc. might become part of the preferred name (see RDA, and that phrase is in $c in MARC.  Technically, a phrase like “of Washington, D.C.” could be part of the authorized access point for a person by applying RDA, but then the punctuation and capitalization changes to become like this: 100 1# $a James, Kate $c (Of Washington, D.C.)


As with all these qualifiers after date of birth and/or death, one should ask what is the most helpful for the user.  Something like “(Of Washington, D.C.)” or “(Librarian)?”  I think using $c (Mathematician) or $c (Engineer) (see https://www.britannica.com/biography/Jacques-Besson) is a good way to distinguish him from others with the same name since there seems to be no good agreement about dates of birth and death.


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Off-list, someone pointed out that there is at least a way to make the 400’s consistent: there is Latin usage “Delphinas” on one of his books, which could be added to the third 400. It’s in the nominative case.


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I am trying to figure out how to remove the 667 on n  85294628 (Besson, Jacques, Dauphinois) or replace $c Dauphinois with something else. I am baffled by how RDA applies to it. Calling this person “Besson, Jacques, Dauphinois” seems to be the practice on a number of web sites such as World Cat Identities. Do they constitute “reference sources”? If so, does that make that form the “preferred form of the name” (RDA 9.2.2) and qualify it to be left as is?


I notice there is another problem with the authority record. Most of his works appear to be in Latin, so there is a 400 with the Latin form of the name, but the “Dauphinois” is left off, I assume because it’s French, not Latin.


It might be problematic to try to replace the $c with dates, because English and French Wikipedias give different birth and death dates for him, as well as different places of death. So maybe something like “Dauphinois” or (Mathematician) is what we are left with. (On one of his books, the usage is: Dauphinois, docte mathematician).


If I changed it to (Mathematician), would that screw up World Cat Identities and other sites that have been using the present form, or would they update to agree with the NAF?


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