Greetings colleagues,

I am wondering if there has ever been anything solidly decided about handling a colon in a title proper or a name (specifically 130 for series title or 111 for conference title). I've searched the PCC archives, and saw a discussion thread on this topic (see PCC list archive thread for "Help with a series title", April 2015). However, I'm still not entirely clear on how to treat this. 

Here is an example:

111 2 Whaling in the Antarctic : the ICJ Judgment and its implications $d (2014 : $c Kobe-shi, Japan)

In this example, there is a space colon space, indicating that the information after the colon is considered to be "other title information". But we don't include other title information in the 111 for conferences, do we? So, if we assume that the information after the colon in this example is actually the title proper, wouldn't we change either the spacing (to colon space) or the punctuation (from space colon space to comma space)? 

ISBD says this:
C. Each unit of other title information is preceded by a space, colon, space ( : ), unless a word or phrase is given on the resource to link a second or subsequent unit with the preceding unit. 

Note this is for "other" title information. 

​I haven't been able to find anything on explaining what to do when transcribing title proper information when there is a colon in it. I have been told that it's "ISBD" to change the colon to a comma, but I haven't found where, in the documentation, that is mentioned.

I have seen examples where people denoted it using colon space​, or changed the colon to a comma space. 

Can I get some clearly spelled out official guidance on this please? I thank you for your patience with my newbiness.

- Alexis

Alexis Zirpoli
Cataloging Services Librarian
University of Michigan Law Library