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The current heading on NAR no2016036625 is Yoshida, KA, which I found a bit unusual, and there are no cross references.  She and her husband, David Mitchell, are the translators of Naoki Higashida’s The reason I jump.  In most of the occurrences of her name in the book, KA does seem to appear without spaces, although in About the translators, it sometimes seems as if there is a space, that is, as if she is using her initials without a space.


I found an article about her and her husband in The Telegraph, in which her first name is consistently given as Keiko.  The author of the article interviewed her husband at their home, so presumably this is first-hand knowledge.


So, my questions are, is KA some sort of shortening of Keiko?  Or should KA be taken as the initials of her first and middle names, and the heading be corrected to “Yoshida, K A”?  In any event, I think both forms, KA with and without spaces, should be access points, the only question is which should be the AAP?  And I also plan to add a cross reference for “Yoshida, Keiko.”


I am grateful for all thoughts.




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